Jul 9, 2009


went to the kniterati book club the other night - its the first time i've actually managed to finish a book club book ever...well, not ever but in recent history. i really enjoyed the book 'restless' and really want to read everything else by the authour william boyd. but this month's read is alan alda's biography which i wouldn't have chosen myself but am looking forward to reading it nonetheless.

and it's worth it just to go to the group!
i really really cherish the time there with my new dear friends.
and hopefully we will be having a mad time this saturday night together.
the again on monday night as alix will be on the plinth....

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Fishwhiskers said...

Ahhhh good to see ur out and about again. Was worried about u!!! Enjoy time with friends, a good way of getting life back on track. big hugs xxx