Jul 29, 2009

busy bee

busy busy busy
work work work
now need play play play!!!

and today i needed beer beer beer!
so i took my lovely girlie designer reirabbit to the dovetail bar for a leffe.
while we were talking, about burlesque and stuff and it turned out she's a stitch and bitcher too! so she's coming to iknit with me next week...but first tomoro night i'll be headin there with my friend jo roach. she's really interested in the geeky links with knitting/crochet/technology and doin a film on it - so her first step is coming to iknit with me tomoro to meet everyone and learn to crochet!

then saturday after i get my eyebrows tattooed, we are all yarnbombing the tunnel...


Peversia said...

I might be able to get along to this!

Fishwhiskers said...

i wish i could :(