Jul 26, 2009

it's finally hitting me

conflict weakens, while harmony empowers.

those were the words of wisdom from my harper's july horoscope.
and its true and i try every morning to wake up empowered but the loneliness is finally hitting me...

...so another week/another blog post...another session on the sofa with my daughter -
we have a lovely bottle of pink pinot grigio- probably about the only thing italian i can stand in my life anymore! altho it will wear off - i was the same when it went sour with the gorgeous half greek/nigerian and couldn't eat mezsze for ages, and the same when Pink Floyd my huge goldfish died - that was when i went pure vegan...i couldn't face sushi.

my vegan is slipping more and more...it definitely was the fake egg that i bought for bake camp that did it - buying something so wrong didn't seem right - so still keeping to what i call urban vegan, and huting out good organic local free-range dairy products if i'm gonna have them - rather than fake fake fake. altho saying that i guess i'm now the equivalent of those single men that eat whatever can be bought at the 24hr garage - as i'm living off humus (lucky i do greek now, lol) from the corner store - luckily they have a latelicense and sell pink wine til 1am!

sorrry - i've just realised that i've not written anything about crochet or craft or even trashiness.
but i did spend yesterday up on my roof crocheting more oms.
i've always found crochet meditative, even more so making these...

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Fishwhiskers said...

Those oms are absolutely beautiful :) i am all crocheted out for a few days ... teaching kids to crochet is defo hard hard work :D xxx