Aug 4, 2009

dog years

off to the kniterati book club at iknit to discuss alan alda's never have your dog stuffed book that i really enjoyed...wonder what next month's book will be?

also - am back working on the skully blanket that i was making for the ex fiance.
i've been really really really angry with him lately and find that working on the blanket helps me to meditate and calmdown (just a tiny bit). i really rreally want to be the better person and try and find goodness in what we've left behind - but in reality i just feel like puking and crying everytime i think of the 5 months wasted trying to fix it.

when i could've been moving on with scandotoys and mercenaries!

...and i'm off to croatia soon - so something to look forward to.
now got to think about what project to take with me...


Fishwhiskers said...

Well, at least ur not making the blanky for him anymore!!! Croatia, wow! I love it there, although, I haven't been for years. Forcibly become an armchair traveller LOL. xxx

cherie... said...

nope now it just goes in the pile of blankets i've made for myself lol! x