Aug 14, 2009


i had a really really lovely night last night watching a few of my worlds collide...
i'd been stressing a bit about where to take alpaca for her birthday!
but goddess was blessing me yesterday.

after a big meeting i went to take my clients to a bar on st john's square called the priory.
but twas closed!

i noticed a new rene pierre baby foot table just inside the door and mentioned it to the girl turning us away = then realised we knew each other from cafe kick! she invited me back later that night for their private party and i mentioned that it would be great to bring my birthday girlfriend - gerit (the lovely girl who sorted everything for us) asked if i needed and table - never did i think that she would give us the private area with posh dining table all laid out for a birthday dinner!

so me, mr iknit, and my best designer reirabbit enjoyed the free vodka cocktails while we waited for everyone else...reirabbit just so happens to be another knitter and has her own stitch and bitch down in crystal palace i want to try...but not before i drag her to iknit for a drink or two! so that is my next week sorted then - next wednesday at iknit and next thursday for codemaddy...

...what is this you ask?
well we met up with some brilliant east end guys about my age lastnight and had a blast.
so spending next thursday with them again trying to steal trays.
its. a. long. story. and. you. had. to. be. there.

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Fishwhiskers said...

muuuhaaahaaa ... love it xxx