Aug 15, 2009


well i finally did it.

i made it to cafe stitch at the wellcome institute today!
and i loved loved loved it.

there was a really nice group of women there and lovely apricot crumble and gree tea.

i dint take much yarn with me as i knew i was going to have to run off to the gym, but am thinking of moving my usual saturday training sessions to either earlier or later so i have lots of time to hang out as no one seems to show up til around noon. not that it matters, it's the type of place i might even go sit alone and have cake - and we all know how much i HATE to do anything alone.

in fact, this weekend has really been my first solo weekend in london for a long long long time.
i did get a bootie call around midnight - but i declined so its now tea at claridges with a lovely rockabilly man...think this one will just be a friend though as i'm still not sure what to do with the scandotoy and am still currently really hating my ex assface fiance....

and its 3:36 in the morning and i'm wide awake!

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