Aug 6, 2009


The hospital was weird. Need to make a decision about the lump that is there - get it sorted or get another lift at the same time...luckily was only at the clinic for just over 2 hours but did have 3 sets of tests and saw 2 consultants so pretty much value for money!

Then headed straight to knitclub - combining work with fun is always good. I love that there are so many geeky girls there. Sat outside til around 10pm drinking white wine and ginger beer and just not wanting to go home...thanks so much to all the wednesday night girls/boys for getting me through the post hospital haze. Love you all so much!

Went home and spent ages on the phone with the scandotoy.
He's going to come over and be here for me when I decide to get the lumplift.
Despite everything it is sorted

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