Sep 2, 2009

in stitches

i have actually learned a new crochet stitch.
well, new to me...because it is actually antique!
its the long treble and it goes something like this:
Long Treble Crochet (1 tr): Like treble until you have the three stitches on needle; thread over and draw through one (thread over, draw through two) twice.

found it on this site

which is a great directory of stitches, but the way it was written out didn't make sense to me so i did my first cotton candy pink snood wrong wrong wrong, but o well - its looking great now - i just wish i'd added pearls.

and my brain works different so this instruction would have made more sense to me:
like treble until 3 stitches on hook
(thread over and draw through 1, thread over draw through 2) twice

or is that just the modern equivalent of a written instruction?

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