Oct 20, 2009

details details

life is still getting in the way of my crafting...dammit! spent the weekend with my fishie friend and my blonde loverboy down in bristol and only managed to create one aum square - but its so lovely in its pink and blue brightness!

then last night i finally got to spend a bit of time using up the latest ball of noro kureyon on the loverboy's new scarf...they colourway is still going to beautifully work with using my old red dreads as fringe!

i do wonder if i should feel sorry for the new loverboy though - we are already talkin' about WHEN we live together, not IF. and he's goin' to have to deal with piles of crocheted afghans and amigurumis and plates of yarny sushi everywhere.

luckily he so far does not seem put off at all and finds my fake reindeer heads quite cute...i think alot of it has to do with the fact that he is a hands on craftsperson for a living - being a restorative and artisic plasterer he appreciates he detail in things.

and i may take string and clothes, but he takes dust and makes buildings!

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Changedit said...

does he do everything on a larger scale??? xxxxxxxx