Oct 15, 2009

loving it!

tooo much on and not enough time - i'm literally jonesing to keep working on my latest human hair scarf project - its supposed to be for the new blondeboy but he's already worried about the glint in my eye! its out of noro kureyon and the trim will be some of my old dreadlocks - i can't wait to finish it...

it's my second human hair creation and i've already had alot of interest - and as i can't grow hair/dreadlocks very quickly i reckon £1k is a good asking price. so far no one has coughed when i've quoted it - and not bad considering that woman is selling a crocheted plate of (very flat) fish and chips at libery for a bout £600.

absolute bargain!

so why the heck am i so busy?
well new blondeboy mostly and our 6 day weekends, lol - he came to visit and stayed from thursday to tuesday and it was absolutely heaven. 24/7 with only one wobble but that was more daughter induced than lover...phew.

and this whole university thing.
i'm loving it and it's interesting but really slow going...next week we start on the gender stuff so i'll take in a pile of books - included in the pile will be ones that i've edited/written...do you think i can get written off for the gender section maybe???

and finally - my flat!!!
i ordered the new bathroom yesterday, and re-designed my kitchen to match, and they can start on monday - so in 2 weeks i should have a kitchen i'm not ashamed of...but it means i need to clear 20 years of comics and crochet patterns out of the cupboards TONIGHT.

because i want to get the heckout of london as soon as i deliver this new web product tomoro night! we've only been apart 2 days but i miss him horridly - and he's perfect for me as he's a craftsperson for a living - think white trash sex bomb gaudi and that is him! and he layed in bed watching me crochet for hours on sunday morning...and kept telling me how hot i am - he obviously has a hooker fetish.

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Changedit said...

muuuuhaaahaaa a hooker fetish. i love it :-) can't wait to see u to get all the goss. feel like i am living on an island waiting for the post pigeon to come in LOL. maybe i need a young love god too ... but please not blonde and/or bearded hehe. xxx