Oct 5, 2009

when life gets in the way.

life is so getting in the way of my crafting!
there is no way i'll have time to go to kniterati this week even though i'm loving the book nudge that we are reading - i can feel it making me smarter i swear, but i've got to go get my face acid washed again to reveal new more youthful skin now i'm fucking a 28 yr old...o wait did i say fucking? its actually a WHOLE lot more, and he loves me. wow.

and i have time to read anymore 'fun' books right now as i have my reading list for to become a very very smart social anthropologist!

and he's coming to london to see me on thursday so i have to train on wednesday which means no knit blub club at all this week. but might make it to fanny minka's shoreditch stitch and bitch this saturday...i'll drag the blonde boy along - i'm easing him in slowly after the last one got all crochet skilledz.


1 comment:

Changedit said...

u needed a crafty break anyway :) xxx