Nov 17, 2009

alien cyst thing

haven't been able to crochet for days - got an alien infected sebum cyst growing on my ribcage and it's now about the size of my hand! so can only sit up for a few minutes at a time as it hurts too taking penicillin to try and dry it up but it's not kicked in yet i'm sure. going to go back to the doctor when they open up as i need to be checked again - my fever is high high high and i want more painkillers.

the morphine patches are for tattooing not medical purposes! lol...

ok back to lying down.

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Changedit said...

Well, first and foremost those patches are for PAIN! Take them, there is always more ;) Do they help? Thinking of u. I will be down next weekend, if ur around. Arranged to stay with foodle though, as I didnt want to cramp ur style with blondie :D xxx