Nov 24, 2009

bloody xmas

finally feeling a bit better...still really burning up with fever from the abcess on my rib, but i can move around a bit more! the doclady bandaged it up for me last night and told me to leave it, but i'd already bled through within 3 hours. luckily for me, she trusts me to take care of it myself because of all the body modification that i've done to myself in the past...just wish i could get an immune system so i can do more!!!

until then i'll have to satisfy myself with crocheting designs instead...
finished the jolly roger hot water bottle cozy for the new lil bro-in-law and have started on a nice aum version for my blondeboy. using nice bright blue and a deep fuschia with a bit of varigated thrown in. will be nice for him to take when he is off working away. altho hopefully he'll be getting some london jobs when cardiff finishes as i really really want him here at home to cuddle.

ok - now back to the christmas crochet.
have decided instead of crocheted sushi for the pink tree that i'm going to make black snowflakes for it this year...which means no matter how threadbare the poor thing is getting its going to have to last a couple more seasons!!!


Anonymous said...

Those little trees are cool, where'd you find them?

I'm making white crochet snowflakes, we can share patterns :)

Also, did you try the manuka honey? Try eeet! Get some 15+ active manuka, spread it on a dressing, and slap it on. I swear it works. I've only ever had minor skin infections, but if I use a manuka honey dressing it clears them up straight away. Really should have remembered that when I had that horrible breakout on my face.

Here's some useful info:

cherie... said...

i took that photo at paperchase about 3 years ago and always dig it backout this time every year...i even used it as my own xmas card design one year! not been to paperchase yet this festive season, but have been really disappointed the last couple years.

...and i've not started my black snowflakes yet - need to find some black crochet cotton first! o i do miss having a yarn store across the street!

Changedit said...

LOL ... i am joining the ranks of snowflake makers ... need some for the market on 13th december. xxx

cherie... said...

ooo - what market where?
now not sure when i'll be in bristol again!