Nov 23, 2009

luckiest lady

trying to make myself spend more time sitting up today, as work is freakin out that i am still off and probbly wont be back in this week, and almost the whole weekend was spent flat out in bed - not in a fun way, well not all of it anyway...*wink*...the blondeboy cuddles definitely made me feel better. and he bought special lush foot cream and gave me some lovely reflexology - not bad for someone that hated feet before he got together with me! i have definitely trained mister very well, lol. and darn he does love me...

and blondeboy can cook!
he made the most amazing vegan sunday roast dinner for us last night. mashed swede and everything. yes, my mister blondetoyboy made me yummy scrummy mashed swede to make me feel better. i know he is half italian, and yes i know he has cheffed, but any resemblence to the cooking of the former fiance ends right the f*ck there. because this was definitely the tastiest meal ever cooked for me.

how lucky am i?
and he's giving me his lovely vintage 70s smoked glass dining table for the new kitchen that 'm hating so that i'll hate it even less...reckon the wooden cupboards won't look quite so pedestrian and a bit more swinging wrong once we have the space bubble decor down the end. can i just say now - this table is NOT to be used for scat. thanks!

as i am tryin to spend more time sitting up, despite the pain anytime i change position or reach for anything, i've managed in my codeine haze to finish my daughter's xmas pressie hot water bottle cozy, and start a skull and crossbones one for the new lil bro in law. they're good quick projects that can be finished in a couple painkiller and hopefully look better than the monstrosity that is the pair of mismatched fingerless gloves!

yes, i was very. sick.

ps: loving this designer's stuff!
and can't wait for seienstyle to finish making things out of the book so i can have it...

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