Dec 1, 2009

world aids day 2009

i took the time tonight, after working late and while waiting for my tesco man to bring 12bottles of my favourite dry cava (it was on special - 3 for £10) for xmas.nye...anyway, i took the time tonight to crochet a red ribbon. i sat there and really thought about it and wished i'd done more to support world aids day this year. i'd like to start planning a project now to culminate next december 1st, but not sure exactly what just yet. i'm thinking that maybe i could get my stitch and bitch groups to all come together for the night - each do a square, then auction off a blanket?

but would anyone want a blanket of red ribbons squares...
maybe a better idea would be to all make afghans and only use one red ribbon square per project and auction them all off. or just take on the project meself and create something all on my own.

i've been moved and i don't want to lose this desire to do something and create something, and earn some £££ for a good cause.

any ideas?

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