Nov 30, 2009

venus and mars are alright tonight...

watching the US version of life on mars on the sofa with harvey keitel, just had my first day out of the house in over 2 weeks and it was strange. my fever was up this morning and fell again once the panadol kicked in, but the alien nostril hurt even worse when the codienies wore off...ouch, especially when i sneeze. doclady is happy with the progress though so that is good!

and i've managed to lay out all my om squares and have sooo many pinks that i need to make ALOT of other colours to pad out - but still keep them all warm bases. will make a nice wallhanging/afghan/rug...eventually!


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Changedit said...

weird comment tony tran ^^

hey hun, glad doc is happy with u. but i repeat: take it easy!!!

i have started a production line in cat toys as the ones i took the 6 weekend cats were such a success. got a market on the 13th, so hoping to sell some. sss