Jan 9, 2010

hi hi hi heels = tower power!

woke up this morning and i hate to say it but it was so nice to be in a girlie fresh bed! guess this is what i hate about not fucking women these days, and having a luscious - but very manly blondeboy. i wasn't pushed out of bed all night by his 6'2" of lovely, and my bed still smelled of vanilla upon waking...yes i know i am anything but vanilla when he is around! so as i cuddle up in the navaho tunisian crochet afghan on my bed, feet cuddled upon my big stuffed white tiger, i reflect on all the threadbanging that has happened in the last 48hrs while he was gone...

...because my daughter ravenisis and i were threadbanging hard!
(while watching aLOTof celebrity big brother 7 UK)

well isis finally finished the bright granny square throw for her bed - it matches the hotwater bottle cozy that i made her and yarn very much courtesy of the lovely karina (fishwhiskers) taking me round every shop in bristol....the weekend i met my blondeboy! aw - what a lovely reminder...

and i think i've got as far as i can with my aum project!
now it just needs laying out but my knee hurts to bad to kneel on the floor to do it as i fell over at my daughter's gig at the cellar door the other night - my hi hi heels got caught up in the bar stool and the long long fringe from my all saints leather bag and i went down hard...and i'd only had one martini (but no food for days gotta shift this belly as it's now getting difficult to read the word RELENTLESS tattooed across my c-section scar)

so as i'd got as far as i could, i the decided to finish the electric boy's scarf as i think my scandos are back at the beginning of feb for the alternative fashion week shows. if not then we are all off to krakow together at the end of feb for annmarie seienstyles' 30th birthday - i've already made her a gorgeous deep red lurex snood to wear for the occasion! for xmas she gave me a swedish amigurumi book and i've created a drunken bunny from my translation of the pattern (photo)

ok- so better hit SAVE as the blondeboy is on his way from paddington station as i typed this...and i've put on my special pretty crystal chandelier nipple jewellry for the occasion!

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