Jan 7, 2010

hips, lips, tits = power!

well i know i've been quiet...
it's the last day of my extended xmas vacation - or you could look at it as the second day of a really mad long weekend before going back to work...and i can't sleep! so am up early and trying not to wake up the whole house, so using this little bit of quiet time to update you on my xmas crochet and other crafty bits i've been up to!

firstly, the xmas presents were really well received!
the blondeboy loves his aum hot water bottle cover, but so far i've been using it more than he has, and he packed so quickly to go back home today that he forgot it, so i'm cosied up to it and keeping my hips warm...as we were out late late late tonight - and i only went to bed a few hours ago...

my daughter was performing at a little club called the cellar door down on the strand. it used to be a men's public toilet and is infamous for the cruising that used to go on there...i was rushing getting ready tonight as at the last minute i decided i could do the icy sidewalks in high heeled boots...so i actually rushed out for a night at the burlesque club with my crochet but no make up bag!

could have been a disaster. but luckily i remained lipsticked and shine free.
but didn't spend any time working on the electric boy scarf as the club was surprisingly full even with the snow! from those that i talked with it was full of locals that were making the most of the quiet streets of covent garden. it has been lovely and quiet - like an episode of the avengers. did anyone else ever notice how surreally quiet and empty the streets always were on that show?

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