Mar 26, 2010

excuses excuses

so i DID not end up at knitblubclub last night - sorry kids!

went to see a headhunter after work who is shit hot - he gets a salary so doesn't work on commision only. fingers crossed that i don't have to use him, but if i do - then that i can earn him a BIG bonus. and he's into mtb so we have ALOT in common.

anyway. came out of the meeting, it was raining, turned the corner and all the boys from irresistable were there - calling my name, then dragging me along to the hospital...where i drank the most lovely dirty vodka martini in the world - and maybe got them hooked on them too. (drinks on me next time boys)

then made my excuses as we were the only cool cats there and went home to cuddle on sofa with my blondeboy and my ravenisis.

and how adorable is the crocheted olive!
its by jen.

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