Mar 25, 2010

yarnbombs away!

so i'm still making crocheted flowers for my spring yarnbomb this year. i've got half a bowl full already and going to be making more tonight at knitclub, if it is not raining that i've got a meeting in covent garden after work and i am wearing the new camel suede ankle boots that i bought to go with the maxi dress i wore to trader vic's for mister blondeboy's birthday.
i really miss my knitclub friends...


Grandmother's Legacy said...

Cute flowers!
I wish I had a knitclub full of friends... except I don't knit... but the theme is still the same! Get together with people and make things!

cherie... said...

i don't knit either - but it's at a shop called iknit. i'm the crochet girlie! maybe we could do a webcam crochet club...x