May 31, 2010

absinthe dawning

stayed up late late late last night, enjoying the absinthe that my sista elektra brought back from prague...and crocheting! thought i should practise my bullion stitch, the only hook i could reach was a 1.25mm with some blue pretty cotton with a nice sheen (makes me thing of martin and charlie, lol) and tried. of course at 3am and fueled by the green fairy - oh and a red fairy too? yummy even though it did taste of cough syrup, and not in a good way.

...anyway of course my bullions sucked, but we all agree that i was onto a quite nice bit of a scrumble, so i ran with it and it is quite pretty. lacey pale blue mossy oceany thing that will hopefully make it into my freeform project at some point.

and the reason we were up so late?
my daughter ravenisis had a singing gig at the cellar door again.
she rocked it as usual!!!

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