Jun 5, 2010

i know i know i know

yes it looks like my blog is broken or there is a problemo with the flickr link or something, but i assure you that is not the case. instead i took the precaution of locking down both due to some things that are happening right now. don't worry - i'm not being stalked, well not in that sort of way, anyway. just being a VERY over protective mom to my lovely daughter (in the post below).

normal service will be resumed when possible although maybe with limited access, i do want to say though that it was a very smart move for me to do everyting via flickr because with a couple clickety clicks i could lockdown everything. facebook was a bit harder - but it always is with fb.

so what have i been working on while this has all been happening>
well a seafoamy green mr fox creature for my sistah elektra, and some freeformy lacy chain that has got me through some late late nights - i hope to add it to my bigger project eventually. i've not had the brain power to actually look at the bigger overall project though at all this week. too much madness...

...now off to john fucking lewis to buy some toy stuffing as i'm out of old tights and t-shirts!

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