May 7, 2010

help save a dog. please.

this is a pretty serious post (for me).
about one abandoned dog an hour is put down in england.
pedigree are donating £1 for every click they receive.

last night while watching the elections here, rather than work on some blue, gold, or red as other's were doing - i decided to create an 'angel lead' out of sparkly acrylic baby boucle yarn. i wanted it to be more of a joyful memorial than the sad reminders of the ghost leads project (based on ghost bikes)

i'm thanking you in advance....x
i don't really think i'm asking alot considering all the tits and smut you usually get from me!


Changedit said...

cherie, the link took me to youtube, not to the pedigree site. the dog leash is cute ... no home should be without one. xxxx

cherie... said...

yes it should take you to youtube - pedigree are donating a £1 for every view of the video.