Jul 8, 2010


well fucking hell...things have got busy busy busy around here.
luckily the manic weird emotional shit has kinda subsided - things are still down but we are all getting through it...i think.

got back from raqs britannia totally broked, had a day off then went straight to the gym, a couple more belly dancing classes and back to the gym - then it was london gay pride, so by the time sunday rolled around my thighs weren't lookin' too bad! not lot of crochet got done...some more motifs for my freeform - and starting some fringey tassels but otherwise it's not been that productive.

o and work has been busy busy busy too.

altho i did score some lovely conch shells and beads to add to my work!

this weekend is going to be all about hanging out with my cousin who is here visiting from utah, and watching belly dancing and world cup extravaganzas rolled into one...of course i'll take my crochet along, but not sure how much i'll get done.

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Samsara said...

Wow, busy busy! All sounds like good fun though :)