Jul 25, 2010

well...its finally out!

and hopefully we can move on from all the horrid family stress it has been causing.

here's my daughter's side of the story in the news of the world this morning.

it's bad enough to find out your partner is cheating, but to have it spread all over the global press has been horrid for my daughter. i'm so glad that she finally found the strength to end it all and speak out. very very brave of her.

looking forward to life getting a bit more back to normal, whatever that is!

and my weekend of quiet crafting?
not happened.


but i still have tonight!!!


Yvonne said...

It is always good to have the chance to put your side of the story but it takes strength of character and the love of supportive family and friends to do it so publicly.

Thinking of you all at this time, Mega Hugs

Anonymous said...

Sounds dramatic! Fighting fire with fire is sometimes the best way... Hope all goes amazingly from here on in!

cherie... said...

thanks both.

Melissa said...

Thinking of you and your daughter - so sorry to hear that she's taken alot of flak for being honest.

I hope the furore dies down and she can start to get over the hurt - at least she's got a wonderfully supportive Mum to depend on.

Melissa x

cherie... said...

thanks so much melissa -she kept quiet for so long but when it got unbearable and obvious that he was stringing her along, she just felt that she had to say something!

miss you and hope all is well with you lovely lady.