Jul 27, 2010


i' so so sorry to those of you that are coming here looking for crochet, and lately only getting trashy posts...

...my life hasn't been very crafty lately at all.
and to tell the truth i'm findin' the fallout of the article below hard to deal with.

my daughter is telling the truth. i wish i could show the txt messages on her iphone to the whole world. and now all those times i wished i had cctv that followed me - well, damn if only i did! i'd love to be able to show you all how he lied to my face the spent then night at our house.

it's been so hard watching my daughter go through this. especially as it's been so globally public.

the internet is a big part of my life and my work, but dammit sometimes!


amy said...

So if she did want to post the texts to prove her side, it is possible to screen capture on the iphone (like
print screen on a computer). Hit the top button & home button at same time and it will screenshot and save to pictures. Could just make the hoopla worse though. :/

Hugs though dear and hope it settles for you soon

Rockhag said...

I don't know you from Adam, only snippets via Ravelry and your daughter through Suicide Girls but one thing I *think* I know is that you're both pretty strong females. You'll both be better off in the end. It's just getting through the "inbetween" stage.

cherie... said...

hmmm...amy i can't even figure out how to do it on my new iphone - but will see if my daughter will let me try on her ancient jailbreak phone...thats if she let's us. everything seems to have died down now so maybe best not to as you said, could make it all worse. x