Aug 15, 2010

twice in a row

the last two weekends have been all about being the burlesque mama - we've been up to the rebellion festival at blackpool and then yesterday at volupte in london...

blackpool is our yearly girlie punk rock holiday - it was as good as ever - as soon as i landed i was engulfed in alot of love - sylvain sylvain from the new york dolls was wonderful and made me feel like a teenager again, watching stiff little fingers from their sound cage was also awesome - they never give a bad show and have more energy now than ever!

the girls show was also great - one of their best ever - there was fire, tits, beer, ballet and hoops!
rinse and repeat for this weekend at volupte...

...and if you wanna see them next weekend then ravenisis will be singing at the cellar door on sunday night...come down, the tickets are free free free!

oh - and the best part about such girlie weekends?

yup, have been making my pretty lotus candleholders and giving them away to anyone that will have them...

...and also organising all my other crafty bits and bobs and thinking i'll use this afternoon to make some shrines.


Yarn Craft Rebel said...

hey gorgeous - do you have a pattern for the lotus candle holders?
kisses from Emanation xxxx

cherie... said...

hey lovely - i adapted from another pattern, the designer has now done the same so i'll find the link on ravelry and ping it to you!