Oct 2, 2010

another weekend - another post

so i've been thinking ALOT about how to keep a project list handy.
this is because i'm heading back home soon to anaheim for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary (how awesome are they) and a visit with the lovely 'all things string' stitchers that hang out at a local starbucks...and to buy lots and lots of yarn that i can't easily get here in central london - as much as i love sock yarn, its not the only thing i want to buy, really.

this means i need a system - a mobile system that is easy - just a list of projects i want to make and the yarn/supplies needed and i'd love it if i could easily share it with you all here on my blog...easy enough ja? nein.

right now i've got options but they all kinda suck...

option 1 - ravelry queue
is ugly
cannot be viewed outside rav
i don't own a printer

option 2 - listography
looks awesome
cannot be viewed offsite
i don't own a printer

option 3 - craft notebook
old schoool
cannot me shared on my blog
fits in handbag

option 4 - build something
but why? surely it exists - there is enough shit out there already!

ugh...so what do you all use to keep track of projects you want to make?
help me!

i'm off to crochet together more 'om' squares while i ponder.


Anonymous said...

Ravelry really needs a mobile app for your queue. But that would mean different apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc and apparently Casey doesn't have the time or inclination (fair dos).

I use a notebook. Though my new phone can access my Rav queue without too many difficulties.

There are so many knitting apps out there though that there's bound to be something... do you have an iPhone?

Anonymous said...

This looks quite useful:

Daf said...

When ideas come to my head - Notes in my phone (Nokia non smartphone) or if time-critical : ToDo list in phone.
E.g. Photoshoot ideas, books to read etc.

They then eventually get copied over (manually) to a google document of some sort - usually word doc or spreadsheet.

Maybe there's google-docs app for your phone ?