Oct 19, 2010

write now.

i've still not figured out exactly how to keep track of my projects and what i want to work on and buy while in the states - so am doing it old skool and have a plastic folder wallety thing with printed patterns inside. they are a snug, some hats, and a virgin mary prayer shawl that is beautiful. so that's it. paper.

but i really really really need a netbook for this trip. yes ipads are lovely and all but i need to write a toast for my parents' 50th on the plane, and yes i could go old skool on this as well, but i really need my blondeboy to help me write it and a little laptop would be perfecto. so we can pass it back and forth. my blondie is such a fucking amazsing writer - i wish i could get him to do it more, maybe even blog eventually.

hopefully he'd update it more than i do mine, tho! sorry!
but i have an excuse...i've been crocheting and have pretty much finally finished the aum blanket - i'm just making all the tassels , which are so cute and multi-coloured. i stayed up late last night, gettin in the mood for halloween, watchin' Lost Boys and making tassels...

...the other project i have on the go, which is alot more portable is making little heart squares for my cousin pee'wee little baby girl - she's such a cutie and named amaya. so i'll work on that on the plane over to california this week and then lay out all the squares when i get there - should give me enough time to join everything together - fingers crossed!

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