Jan 31, 2011

mama stitch and fish

Mama fish amigurumi

yes - i know this photo was taken yesterday and i still had my pink xmas tree up. i wanted to actually leave it up til valentine's day like i have in previous years, but took it down this evening. but only because i scored a pale pink feather and fibre optic tree in the sales that is even more perfect for valentine's day!!! so now i need to crochet some hearts to go on it!

well, to be truthful, o dear - really truthful - i have NOT been crocheting up a storm at all. tis really only the last couple days that i have been finishing off some amigurumi presents for utah family that i promised when i saw them all back home last october! 2 fishes and a plane and a turtle all need to be posted soon...now just got to find some lunch hour time to post them!

but it probably will not be tomorrow, because i'll be getting some anti-inflammatory rx's filled so i can get my left hip back to normal before tribal bellydance on wednesday night. an old kick/thai boxing injury has reared its ugly head and set off a bad bout of bursitis that i pray dies down sooner rather than later. last time i had it i had to give up my daily run - which is also the same time i started getting ALOT curvier.

so guess i better coutneract the less movement again with less food - and more exercising of the crochet muscles!

so what has everyone else been up to?

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