Feb 3, 2011

the irony is not lost on me

this evening mostly made me feel horrid. this evening also had me upset with myself. for the last few months i had actually felt a bit guilty for focussing more on my bellydancing lessons and rehearsals than my knitfriends...now i am kinda glad that i did!

however, this evening was also punctuated with some of the most awesome moments. moments that i'll always hold dear - seeing a proud young teen mother and glowing new grandmother, catching up with one of the most zen women i know, seeing the most shit hot tattooed girlie family in london, and visiting with one of my oldest stitchfriends.

and the highlight>>>>>>

afterwards and even though we were all dead tired, with us moms in fucking horrid hip pain - we still as a group and without thinking or speaking rushed to the aid of another woman stranger on the street and stayed with her til the situation was diffused and she was definitely okay. then as soon as she was sorted we said our good nights without even discussing it -just a natural thing.

now, i'll probably offend some knitladies with the rest of this post though

(what's new)

maybe even lose a couple friends from it - but if they don't understand then i am better off without women like this in my life.

all i can say is gosh darn those ladies love bitching about each other and fucking back biting - especially about things they have not lived/experienced. it got so bad and i was feeling so horrid that i finally said "i know i've been gone awhile but i really can't believe how much you all talk shit about each other".

now ironically i'm kinda doing the same thing here on my blog. well, it is called Trashy Crochet - and at least i was brave enough to say what i was thinking TO THE PERSON'S FACE.

so i've had both ends of the frienship spectrum tonight.
and right now i'm still oscillating between the two, wonderin' which end i'll remember next time it's a thursday night and i'm itching to crochet!

ironically i walked right past another stitch event to get to this one tonight.

and PS to my dearest radio lee - if you are reading this - thank you our knight in shining (vintage) armour!!!


Vanessa Hubbard said...

Gosh, yes I think maybe it has gotten like that there. I hope I wasn't guilty of it this evening (although I know I have been in the past).

It was great to see you, and we should meet up somewhere else, frequently!

Yvonne said...

Hope I qualified as the oldest stitch friend & not in any other negative category tonight! It's been a rough week and I have to admit to not feeling too hot hence my early departure.

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of the next crochet project - I'm in awe!

cherie... said...

maybe it was just an off night?
is it like a full moon or something - the streets were full of crazies...and i don't mean us, lol.

and the only time i refered to you above was in the glowing grandma remark!

was soo good to see you too - let's get a date in the diary. soon.


cherie... said...

yes yvonne you are my oldest stitch friend - altho i guess i should say stitch friend i've known the longest...i'm sure i have older friends lol x

Yvonne said...

I'll settle for the "longest known stitch friend present" and then that won't upset any of the original group!

There were a lot of subtle (& not so subtle ) undercurrents last night, that is now behind me and I'm off to north of the river in search of a cuddle

CORAL said...

Was so lovely to see you if only briefly. I hope that lady was ok, thank goodness Lee turned up. I completely understand what you mean about the bitching. I know we've all been guilty of some bitching at some point, but when it becomes the focus of conversations it is slightly worrying. Being one of the younger members of the group I must say I find it quite shocking sometimes and find myself involved in conversations i'd rather not be... which can be quite awkward. As opinionated as we can be, i'd have hoped people were mature enough to say things face to face!

CORAL said...

...in fact I should say what I really meant. The accused are all older than me and should know better!

cherie... said...

i hope you all had a lovely night last night and that there were lots and lots of cuddles to go round...

...was there in spirit, as was on the sofa in my undies crocheting!

have a great weekend girls!

Penny said...

Blog reply 


Im probably a bit late with by comments, but thought I'd post it anyway. It was great to see you the other nights, and when I read the blog entry I did have a think through that nights events. Maybe my recollection's off (or there are things I didn't hear) but I really don't recall any backbiting comments, nothing we Uppity knitters wouldn't say to each other's faces. We do care about each other and we are quite honest and frank to each other.

(Speaking for myself, that frankness from my knitty friends has helped me through some rough times).

I do hope we'll see you at more knit nights, or knit roasts. :)

cherie... said...

"Maybe my recollection's off (or there are things I didn't hear) but I really don't recall any backbiting comments, nothing we Uppity knitters wouldn't say to each other's faces."

hmmm, well if that is the case then i do have to say that you were one of the biggest culprits darling...in fact, i even mentioned it to you on the night.

hopefully it was just an off night.

i'll be back to see coral eventually i'm sure...