Mar 27, 2011

Cakemix and twinkie
look at me, posting more than once a week - but i am about to burst with happiness as i got to meet up with the cutest hooker ever yesterday - the talented twinkie chan!!

it was a wonderful afternoon, hosted by the crochet girlie at atfotf - with cupcakes and crochet and making new friends. i have even wrangled the girls from her publisher to start coming along to our sitchups in the clock house on leather lane.

then i came home, and spent some time cruising on the internet - watching the aftermath of the march yesterday unfold on twitter, and looking at more ways to get involved with the relief efforts for japan. so far i have done/plan/thought about the following ways to help:

1. set up a donation link to shelter box for anyone wishing to buy me a birthday present. i'd love 100 of my internet friends and family to donate at least $10 (£6) to this charity that supplies emergency shelter - because if we did that would be $1k...

2. charting an afghan square to create a whole crocheted blanket to auction off for donation to the japanese red cross.

3. start making squares for the 'crochet a rainbow' effort to distribute blankets across the tsunami area of japan. am going to get a date in the diary soon to get my usual stitchers together to make squares one night (with beer of course kids do not worry!!!)

i'm not sure why this disaster has upset me so. maybe it is the memory of katrina and how helpless i felt while my dad's family were back south taking in tons of strangers and maxing out there credit cards to help others. yes, i do come from good family wouldn't take any help paying off their cards and instead asked people to donate to the salvation army "because they are the charity that stayed when the tv crews left".

yes, i do come from good stock. guess i better do some shit to prove it!

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