Mar 24, 2011

o dear - i'm only averaging about a post a week lately...

work has still been really busy but good, and my house is currently a bit of a building site. my blondeboy has been busy turning our bedroom white again, but this time with a dark rustic oak floor. it's lovely and i'm looking forward to crocheting lots of thready white bits for the room. the wood floor is going to flow out into the hallway and living room.

my blondeboy is lovely - he's plastered painted layed ripped up everything and anything to make our place nice...i'm very lucky that he is so talented! i'm taking him to lunch this weekend as part of the london restaurant festival...then i will be running over to atfotf to see the lovely twinkie!!! i can't wait. i actually crocheted her a little strawberry box - but i've lost the top somewhere in my flat.

we currently have absolutely everything piled in the sitting room so who knows where it could be! but it's worth it.

and...march is coming to a close and so is crochet month.
what has everyone been doing to celebrate?
i was a designer for a day, giving clues for a freeform project. i'd post my freeform here but it's still pretty much all black, except for a tiny bit of lurex.

vogue UK seem to have been celebrating crochet month as well!
there is sooo much hooker goodness in the mag...dolce & gabbanna, delfina delettrez, guess, all have springtime luscious white goodness - all good inspiration for my new bedroom.

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