May 7, 2011

lost my mojojojo...

its a grey day outside, and even though it's bright coloured afghans and lovely white walls here in my bedroom i'm just not really feeling inspired...or rather i AM feeling inspired but nothing is really grabbing me...well, nothing that is a carry around work on over a pot of tea later at drink/shop/do type of project. there's actually LOADS that i want to make, but don't have the right yarn for...or i've got the bits to assemble or stuff or finish but the projects just aren't mobile.

ugh. fuck.

and drink/shop/do don't list the yarns they sell so not sure what i could pick up there out of their nice little glass display counter of goodness. hmmm...ok, my time to go rummage some more through the box of yarn behind the door to see what i come up with. will check back with ya'll later.

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