May 8, 2011

get comfy - its a long one!

if i was in a wheelchair, i could crochet as i was pushed around!

i had this thought when i was walking from my 2nd tattoo meet down to have a pot of tea at shop/do/drink/whatever...which is awesome because it shares the very very nice toilets downstairs with the adult book/sex shop next door. if i didn't already have drawers of 'toys' i'd have side-tracked, but what i really really need is 4-ply! so sounds like a trip to nest is needed - next saturday...

think saturdays are now going to be my girlie stitch days.

so my weeks will be kinda like this:
sunday - tribal/bfatclubff
monday - gym
tuesday - rest
wednesday - tribal fusion/orange wednesdays
thursday - fat club
friday - family home evening usually
saturday - girls girls girls!!! long legs and burgundy lips...girls,girls, girls
dancin' down on Sunset Strip...

which actually makes me try to remember if i ever have crocheted on sunset strip? i'd love to yarnbomb hollywood when i'm back home. this year i reckon i'll keep making the bunting for int'l yarnbomb day - which is exactly a week after i am hostessing the adorable ms. marmitelover's underground craftiversity at her brunch club...please do come along if you can - there will be teacup candle making as well as yummy food! and i'll be teaching crochet too.

and as well as a bit of a teaching gig for ms martmite, which really is more hostessy, which means i really really need a new outfit - especially as i've now lost 20lbs in the last month! but as i'm still losing i will leave it until right before the craftiversity to buy something...although thinking, one of my pretty lacy petticoats will probably be perfect for the day!

ooo, i should crochet some accessories to go with the outfit...but after my little blip yesterday, i definitely got my groove back and worked my perfectly manicured fingernails to the bone yesterday, even working into then night as i didn't go to the bellydance event last i started with resurrecting my all black freeform shawl project, which got sooo many compliments while i was working on it at tea yesterday - especially from the interweave girlies, who may be using my ff clue giving skills at some point! (interesting...)

then i got home, and made a nice placemat for the sitting room table out of some lovely cottony papery twine i got at the poundstore on caledonia rd by the tattoo shop jolie rouge. i'm going to make more but it was a bit tough on my wrist so i'm limiting myself to one a day = last night's was a square, i think tonight's will be 3 flowers joined in a triangle.

then...i decided to make a BIG tote bag out of some of the skully squares that i'd made for my assface bald ex's blanket - it will be perfect to carry scarves and yoga mat, etc when i'm travelling for bellydance workshops! so i've started crocheting together the very very multi-coloured squares with a dark dark soft tweedy charcoal DK.

...and breathe!

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