May 23, 2011

red right hand (and face)

i started feeling even worse after my post last night...had one of those horrid spangly tunnelvision migraines starting so did everything i could to stop it - lots of water and broth., which seemed to keep it at bay. then my right hand when completely numb, scary numb like fingers sticking out all weird angles - and cold cold cold. then after about 15 minutes of pure worry it disappeared. but not for moved to my face, then inside my mouth and even my tongue - again for about 15 minutes.

this really worried me.

then my hand went again after about half an hour and so on for about five hours...i realised i was not dying, but took myself to my lovely doc first thing this morning who just reckons it's a side effect of all the migraines i've been getting has not been so bad but my hands and lips are still not 100% ok. trying to crochet when i can, but this is my first screen time today. so horrible - i have the time to craft and write as i'm home, and literally can't do either very well.


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