Jul 7, 2011


so now i'm in the bunting and baby blanket biz, i thought i'd apply to sell my trashy shit at the 1st ever renegade craft fair in london...especially as my daughters are known as RENEGADE BURLESQUE...but alas, this 'renegade' craft fair seems only 'renegade' in name and not dictionary definition - or maybe my expectations were just too punk rock DIY crafty vixen-like, and less martha fuckin' stewart.

it is $400 to just apply for a stall for a weekend in the truman brewery! when we had our office/studio there it wasn't even $400 a week for our rent - and we had the 2 prime rooms right off the courtyard, next to the vibe bar...this price is a bit steep for me, as an individual crafter not a 'corporate' crafter. especially as it is on brick lane, where literally anyone can rock up early and lay out a blanket and sell their wares.

which is what i may be doing!
now who's the fuckin' renegade, eh???

and ps - who used to like the TV show...

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