Jul 3, 2011

om my god!

well so far today has been a waste of sunscreen, but not of creativity!
i was up til around 5am with the crochet ideas buzzing through my brain, then was woken up by blaring sunshine at 10am. so slathered on the factor 15 and covered my freshy tattooed back with one of the blondeboy's stretchy xs topman white t-shirts...2 hours later i'm back in bed with a pot of vanilla tea and some MORE new ideas for bunting and where to sell them - which includes a trip to stockholm, hej hej! if they sell ganesh, then they should want some of my newly redesigned oms!

which actually may be my first pattern to upload to ravelry, as i've never really been one to pattern anything before - but i had to make my own version of the awesome kody's om chart as i needed something longer and thinner but also a bit more rounded out in areas. also, because i'm going to be selling them it would be shit shit shit to just steal her hard work, especially as it's a chart she made on her wedding day! aw...

on my wedding day all i managed to invent was a soya milk white russian served in my niece's sippy cup so i could drink it in the shower - so i really am in awe of the kody! also because she has taken the time to chart a ribbon design that i've used to created red ribbon yarnbombs for world aids day.

and of course...the sun is back out now. let's see how long it lasts this time!

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