Sep 26, 2011

15 minutes of shame

back online in london for about 15 minutes while i try to catch up on my fat rehab/weight maintenance planning. brighton was lovely - caught up with my lovely charity man - who knitted me the cutest 'deddy bear', which is now lying dead with x's for eyes on the arm of my big lovely comfy sofa. i'll post photos soon, but right now i just can't move while i wait for the nurofen to kick in! then i'll be up and rehearsing my tribal bellydance before throwing everything that might still fit into a suitcase and running off to sweden...where i will hopefully have a great creative week with my lovely ann-marie.

big big thanks to lovely spaceboy and her partner for putting me up the night i was homeless in brighton.  while anno was in the bath i quickly halloween yarnbombed her house!  i am never going to have enough stock to sell in my etsy shop if i keep this up...
Day o dead

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