Sep 20, 2011

nothing, just nothing

some reporters have been trying to contact me for weeks, and i've ignored then they went to my lovely mistress jezabel asking her to smooth the way - like that was going to happen.

this evening, one of them gained access to the office of my day job and convinced a colleague to phone me and say there was a friend waiting for me...waiting 1 hour and 10 try to get me to substantiate a story. i've still ignored them, and now i get to go round the interwebs and re-lock my profiles down.

i'd just started re-opening everything back up so i could try and sell a bit of crochet to fund my ink habit!

so evidently there is supposed to be a story running in the sunday people this weekend - when i will be busy bellydancing my ass off in brighton with samantha vagabond princess and good luck getting a comment out of me then!

...oh and i will be crocheting ALOT


Anonymous said...

not all jouranlists are the same

cherie... said...

this is true - and i wish that a journalist would want to talk to me about the effect all this has had on my family for the last year...but i guess that's not juicy enough and nor includes enough fashion tips.

Anonymous said...

It would be good to hear about it from YOUR angle! Everything will be drudged up again this week for obvious reasons so now is your chance to speak out.