Oct 15, 2011

come join me and juicy lucy in the bedroom

so this evening i was supposed to do a hilal bellydance workshop, but am blowing it out for my friend lucy's birthday for a couple reasons...
1. there is nothing sexy at all about hilal bellydance!
2. i need to focus on my tribal drills for shows in december.
3. it's juicy lucy's birthday!!! and i gotta take care of her as she is going to be my personal bitch at THIS

yes, i shall be teaching granny square crochet and selling my buntings and scarves at the underground farmer's market over bonfire weekend.  if you have never been to an underground supper club even then you must come along and experience the food rave that is the house of ms marmite lover.  she is truly a visionary of the new DIY age.  she's turned her uber-top secret beautiful house location into the funnest restaurant experience i have been to in a long time - and what she is doing with her indoor house market is amazing and inspiring!

in fact, i just had to fill out a survey on some women in biz website and when it came to role models - the only person that came into my head was ms marmite lover kerstin herself!  if you know me in real life you know that this isn't something i would say lightly - as no one is as old or as experienced as moi in most things, lol!

please do come along.
hang out with me and juicy lucy in the underground bedroom market and enjoy!!!

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