Feb 29, 2012

it's been a long time...

Ooh, let me get it back, let me get it back, let me get it back
mm-baby, where I come from...

Family photo

...yup, I have been a bit pre-occupied.
New/old rekindled love and a puppy have stolen all my free blog time!

But I am still hooking - have made The Dicktator a hate hat (ooo a bit freudian there!) and one of my special jolie rouge deep red skull and crossbones scarf - and I'm still working on the yarneater CAL with Sarah London (who despite my new/old bf, I still love love love in the biggest fangirl way ever).  My yarneater is actually getting too big to carry around, so I need to do some doggy crochet as our little 13 week old puggle Elvis needs more chewy toys!

I used to make really nice crochet doggy bones out of worsted weight cotton and stuffed with my old t-shirts, gave them to my puppies at the salon in Stockholm and also the tattoo shop in Ibiza town...now I gotta get back on the bone and make some for my own little one, but this week has been pretty harsh - we've had literal blood sweat and tears (and a few police) and today is the first day I can read properly - so maybe I'll leave any new projects for a couple days.

Oh, and if it's not past midnight yet for you = happy Sadie Hawkins day!
And if it is later on - happy St David's day!

Miss you all xxx

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