Mar 9, 2012

don't let the door hit you on the ass much for rekindled love.
this is what it looked like as it was walking out the door. again.
wearing the jolie rouge hat.scarf set that he begged me to make him.

Crochet in the house

which means i'll be doing what i always do when life sucks.

run away.

i'm packing my hooks and getting on a plan to stockholm.
there's a shop in gamla stan that sells the best sock yarn, so i'm going to be making lotsa these yoga socks for dance training.  because i've got alot of rehearsals for upcoming shows and events...both tribal fusion bellydance and gypsy.

hating leaving the puppy, but it's too soon to get his passport sorted and he'll be well looked after. next time he is coming with me!

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