Feb 2, 2009

o what a weekend!

that was surreal for sure...

started out friday quite drunk on red wine as all the directors were out of the office...what is funny is even though we are supposed to finish at 4pm on a friday we all still hung out drinking and playing pool and talking shop til i had to catch my train. the fiance was there too - his job thing is bad (but i think its for the best) and he's officially out lookng now - so if anyone has any digi-wigi-doo-dah head of production type jobs please let us know!

as he was there and as well as losing his job his house was also broken into the same day, we had NOther bottle of wine, and i'd had some codeines for my neck so was quite wiped out by the time i got my train to bristol to stay with fishwhiskers...still i managed to make more skully squares on the ride, but in the end we didn't manage to yarnbomb bristol at all...guess i'll have to go back in the spring to string up my skully graffitty all over like little fresh blooms.

but that seems a long long way away. i reckon i got the last train into london last night! the streets of london were so pretty and snowy. my daughter and i had a nice drink then at midnight decided we needed nibbles so went out to yarnbomb and buy chocolate and chilli crisps (still my fave!) but instead ended up building snowmen with strangers. sooo fun!

snow though meant that pretty much all transport was down all day in london, so my office was closed...been working from home which means i'm home at a decent time to settle in and continue all my finishing of bits and body parts i crocheted this weekend...i managed to make:
i dont think i've forgotten anything...so off to stitch and stuff the night away!

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