Feb 7, 2009

24 years ago today i had a fresh c-section scar!

the partying has really continued, altho i can't say that it has all been happy days again this week. my life is still so up/down that i don't know what to do about it anymore...so just sitting tight and waiting it out (with bottles of champagne and vicodin!). tonight is my daughter's 24th birthday so i'm sure there will be lots of celebrating...also because she's just moving into her new studio flat today! so birthday and housewarming.

her new flat is down shoreditch, so i'm definitely expecting to see her at the hoxton knit! and i'm sure that my friend kay will be back too. i think she agrees with me that it's our most favouritist stitch and bitch group so far...but i think i'll be back at iknit again this thursday - fingers crossed that there is space for both of us! its seem to just get more and more popular, and rightly so - the guys that run it are so lovely and the location is great.

o dear now i'm even more torn, lol.
but i know that while things are still so unstable in my love/home life that i'm very grateful for all the love and kindness that the hoxton girls have shown...still think i need an extra friend with me though to chaperone my feelings. my fiance is my life and my best friend and everything else and we've shared everything 100% so its sooo hard to do anything without him there.

o dear please don't read that as some weird whatever condition where you go psycho for the other person! i just love him to bits, that is all.

okay, enough of cherie sharing time today - sorry and thanks for listening! am off to create more skully washcloth presents for the hoxton girlies!

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