Feb 2, 2009

love it to death!

finally had the time and space to lay out all my skully squares last night...thinking 77 is the magick number for this blanket. altho it looks way too pink to give to the fiance as a moving in present (who knows where or when with everything happening right now) but i guess all the reds and pinks are quite valentiney and will go well with his proper big red oxblood chesterfield chair. but just to be safe i've been crocheting deep darkish red and purple day of the day squares to add into the mix = which will leave me a few extra to use as washcloths and for a bit of graffitti.

i may try again to do a bit of bombn' on my way to work if its quiet...
or around hoxton tonight. i wonder if the knitters are meeting at juno still later on> x

PS - is anyone planning on going to this valentines crafty night at the make lounge ?
it looks quite fun and we can make anatomically correct heart pincushions!
how voodoo is that, lol

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