Feb 8, 2009

sunday nutroast day?

i really really really don't know what to do and whatever i do is wrong. he's my best friend and my life and i feel horrid and useless, so bad that even the vicodin isn't helping anymore. i'm trying so hard just to get on with things and keep myself busy with gym and crafty bits and have even started accepting dreadlock hair appointments again (ssshhh!) but still the tears are starting to slip out, thank little baby jesus for lancome waterproof blue mascara.

o and nothing went to plan yesterday!
my daughter and i both had womanly monthly pains so she put off moving into her new studio flat. john bloody lewis refused to deliver my new mirrored bedroom furniture up to the 4th floor.
no one in the mood to go to trader vic's for mai tais so we ended up at strada with their lovely fizzy pink...BRUT DI PINOT NERO ROSÉ, Ruggeri Veneto, yum!

so not a total loss. just wish i was meeting my lovely fiance today for sunday lunch.

need nutroast. maybe that would make things all better?
not that i have an appetite. stress diet means i'm back wearing my jeans with ease.

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