Feb 17, 2009

another week another bit of crochet...

...photos to follow!
so my overstuffed pop hearts were a success with the fiance and also my daughter, so much that she has asked me to make some for her but bigger out of chunky yarn for her new place. i used them on the windowsill of the secret wonderland valentines dining room surrounded by candles and flowers.

the meal i cooked was luscious too if i do say so myself.
gumbo is way better for the soul than any chicken soup ever could be and i hope that it helped to get me a nice warm place back in the fiance's heart. it seems it as at least now we are talking. not about anything important, but talking. which doesn't make me anymore stressed, so am back to the doc today for some more prozac!

because as much crocheting lots of little easter eggs for yarnbombing is keeping my hands busy, my heart is still needing some reassurance...and as i'm at the doc tonight that means i'll be on the wrong side of town for juno - sorry girls! i miss you.

o and i tried to find cafe stitch last night - but the costa coffee closes at 7pm?
thought it was open all night as part of the hotel...

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