Jun 8, 2010

killer rabbits play on a plane

normail service is slowly being resumed.
i didn't realise that if i locked down flickr images and then re-opened them up for public consumption the link would remain broken. so am having to go back and do everything by hand. still it was nice to be able to lockdown in one swoooshie when needed.

anyway, in between all the new gigs that my daughter ravenisis (video link) has been booking, and running around shopping for new bras for both of us, i've been having alot of late late nights in with the family and my visiting sistah elektra...so managed to make the killer rabbit for her to take back on the plan with her to oz. watch out - this flight could be a mashup of child's play and snakes on a plane if she doesn't sleep with one eye open!


nina said...

great bunny!

cherie... said...

thanks nina!
i'm making a second one now in pink, but with a chewed up frayed and bloody ear, lol x

Anonymous said...

Oooh wow did you make the bunny! I looooove it!!

Five Inch xx

cherie... said...

yes i did honey!
have also made another pink one with a chewed up ear that i need my daughter to photograph for me...