Jun 20, 2010


happy father's day out there to all the daddies!
it's been a strange weekend around here as my mister has been away working...
so i've had alot of time for training and practising - hard gym session yesterday then yoga yoga yoga today - now i've started tribal, i need as much yoga in my life as possible...the rest of the time i've spend working on a lovely crocheted hip scarf out fo the gedifra amara shiny shiny chocolate yarn. i love this yarn - it is totally my favourite, but i really really wish that i'd bought beads with much bigger holes...reckon i'm giving up on these and will just get on with hand fringing.

which is not any easier as i'm healing my new crochet tattoo!!!!
damien voodoo did such an awesome job, it is definitely the best illustration of a crochet hook i have ever seen - i'm so happy that held out and had him do it for me. i'm back to see him in a couple weeks to start planning the rest of the tattoo - based on the crocheted yarn bombing flowers that i make and leave everywhere...like a yarny gretel, lol!


LOL Squared said...

Just wanted to say what a nice
tatt you have.....

Dann said...

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Sorry if this seems a bit spammy it isn't really just trying to seek out like minded people who like to blog

P.S. I love that crochet rabbit in the previous post, reminds me of the rabbids

cherie... said...

Thanks Dann, nice appproach. Although if you check out my linked in link you'll see that we kinda have the same day job, so I do already have the contacts in place to get my blog read by more people if/when ready!

Good luck with your business.

Yarn Craft Rebel said...

Fab Tattoo Cakemix : )